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Lightroom Presets

To Use Adobe Lightroom presets you must have Adobe Lightroom installed.

There are versions that are cheeper so look also on Ebay or amazon, previous versions work just as well. The above link is to the newest Adobe lightroom.

Each preset has an instalation file as well as a Terms Of use. SweetMade Lightroom presets are Ok for proffessional use.



Product Image Price- Item Name
Almost Classic 1 $2.29

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Almost Classic 1

Adobe lightrom Preset Almost Classy will turn your normal photos into a soft vintage classy type of look, Professional use ok . ** Must have...
Black ND White 1 $2.29

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Black ND White 1

Adobe lightrom Preset  Black  ND White   will turn your normal photos into a simple black and white type of look, ...
Brighten and Lighten 1 $2.29

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Brighten and Lighten 1

Adobe lightrom Preset  Brighten and lighten   will turn your too dark photos into much more lighter photos in one click,  fix too...
Correct Saturation 1 $2.29

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Correct Saturation 1

Adobe lightrom Preset  Correct Saturation   will turn your over saturated photos into much more color balanced photos in one click,...
Faded 1 $2.29

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Faded 1

Adobe lightrom Preset  Faded   will turn your photos into soft and dreamy photos in one click, Can be used on dark or light photos...
Fairy Tale 1 $2.29

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Fairy Tale 1

Adobe lightrom Preset  Fairy Tale   will turn your photos into soft and dreamy photos in one click, Can be used on dark or light...
Fix the Green 1 $2.29

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Fix the Green 1

Do you have a too green photo? the light was not right or it just looks too green, this preset will fix your too green photos with one click. MAGIC...
Morning Bright 1 $2.29

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Morning Bright 1

Adobe lightrom Preset  Morning Bright  will turn your normal photos into a bright sunny clean type of look,  Professional use ok . **...
Nature Wash1 $2.29

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Nature Wash1

Adobe lightrom Preset  Nature Wash  will turn your normal photos into a soft natural  of look,  Professional use ok . ** Must...
Old Timer 1 $2.29

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Old Timer 1

Need to age your photos a tad? Adobe lightrom Preset  Old Timer   will turn your normal photos into a nice soft vintage type of...
PopIt 1 $2.29

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PopIt 1

Need a simple pop to your photos? Adobe lightrom Preset  PopIt  will turn your normal photos into a bright fun and colorful type of look,...
Rinse Well 1 $2.29

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Rinse Well 1

Adobe lightrom Preset Rinse well   will turn your boring photos into much more unique classy and washed photos in one click, see more...
Sea Breeze 1 $2.29

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Sea Breeze 1

Adobe lightrom Preset  sea Breeze has a very interesting tint that will make your photos look like they were taken right on the sea,...
SunBright 1 $2.29

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SunBright 1

Adobe lightrom Preset SunBright  is a simple as it sounds, shine a bit sun in your face , Professional use ok . ** Must have Lightroom to...
Tone me Down 1 $2.29

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Tone me Down 1

Adobe lightrom Preset  Tone me Down  is a simple as it sounds, tone down your too bright photos, or give them a simple and serious look...